Cable car in Jermuk

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In November 2007, the first stage of the cable car was opened in Jermuk (a sanatorium city, one of the most popular resorts in the Soviet Union). The lift is two-seat, with a total of 200 seats.



Jermuk is known for its mild climate. In summer it is not so hot, and in winter it is windless and full of snow. The air temperature does not exceed +32C, and in winter it reaches only-35C.

Weather now

. 18 oC ясно
Pressure: 761 hpa
Humidity: 46 %
Temp min: 18 °C
Temp max: 18 °C
Wind speed: 1.23 m/s
Wind direction: southeastern
Sunrise: 05:04
Sunset: 19:07
Forecast for Jermuk

Contact phone

+ (374 55) 43-10-09

6 Melik-Adamyan street, Jermuk city


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