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In November 2007, the first stage of the cable car was opened in Jermuk (a sanatorium city, one of the most popular resorts in the Soviet Union). The lift is two-seat, with a total of 200 seats.

The height of the mountain shish (folk name) is 2850 meters, the lift rises to a height of 2450m. Now there are two tracks on the mountain: the track is 1400 m long. for beginners, and the track is 1300 m long. for experienced users. The height difference is about 400 meters. The tracks are prepared in accordance with modern high standards. There is a rescue service on the mountain, which can provide first aid if necessary. The cost of the lift is 1000 drams (100 rubles) per lift, or skipass 6000 drams per day (600 rubles). on the top of the mountain there is a cafe where you can eat (from tea to whitefish and trout). Note that unlike Tsakhkadzor, Jermuk is not windy.

Ski and snowboard rentals are available near the lift. Cost: 6000 AMD per day for a set: skis, boots, sticks, helmet; or 10000 AMD per day for a set: snowboard, boots, helmet. The cost of one hour of training with an instructor is 10,000 drams.

You can stay in sanatoriums, hotels or guest houses. In health resorts, the price (from 1500 rubles/day) includes prevention and treatment (visiting is not required). Almost all health resorts, and some hotels - three meals a day. It is worth noting small hotels, such as Verona - it is very cozy, with good spacious rooms, friendly staff and good food.

The distance from hotels (almost any) to the cable car is about a kilometer. You can take a taxi: 500 AMD (~50-60 rubles).

There are banks in the city where you can exchange rubles. There are also ATMs, including the Russian Bank VTB24, which are available around the clock. Mobile communication works everywhere - you can choose from two Russian companies, MTS and Beeline (former VivaCell and Armentel, respectively). It is worth noting that calls from MTS to Russia cost 5 rubles/minute. The atmosphere in the city is calm, unhurried, disposing to a measured rest. The local population knows Russian well, and traditionally warmly welcomes tourists from Russia, despite the fact that the majority of tourists in Jermuk today are foreigners.

We recommend paying attention to Jermuk especially if you are planning a vacation with children. The city really has a very favorable atmosphere in all respects.

The distance to Yerevan is 178 kilometers. Travel time by car is about two and a half hours in winter. If desired, you can arrange interesting excursions along the way, for example, to Noravank, or to the Areni winery. Tours of the surrounding area can also be arranged in the city itself. On the way to Jermuk, you can stock up on excellent homemade wine at a ridiculous price of 100 rubles/liter. The choice of wine is large, there is also a pomegranate.

According to the law "on tourism and tourism activities", the government of Armenia declared Jermuk a tourist center in 2008.



Jermuk is known for its mild climate. In summer it is not so hot, and in winter it is windless and full of snow. The air temperature does not exceed +32C, and in winter it reaches only-35C.

Weather now

. 12 oC пасмурно
Pressure: 757 hpa
Humidity: 74 %
Temp min: 12 °C
Temp max: 12 °C
Wind speed: 3 m/s
Wind direction: east
Sunrise: 04:37
Sunset: 19:31
Forecast for Jermuk

Contact phone

+ (374 55) 43-10-09

6 Melik-Adamyan street, Jermuk city


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